Developing information for migrant workers
through transnational trade union cooperation

Developing information for migrant workers through transnational trade union cooperation

The project aims to share the experiences of the trade unions related to migrant employees, to assess the trade union needs of the employees planning migration and of those who have already migrated, to survey the needs related to the information system to be provided to the migrant employees, as well as to evaluate the efficiency of and update the operating systems. The project plans to strengthen the international cooperation and solidarity among the national (sectoral) employee advocacy organisations through the international exchange of experiences.

As a result of the project, the project partners prepare country studies with the cooperation of external experts, the primary aim of which is to summarise and detail the information concerning the platforms serving the relations of migration data and trade union membership, as well as the information of the migrant employees of the concerned countries. A complex study will be prepared from the three country studies, presenting the existing international best practices as well. In the next phase of the project, the professional materials will be discussed and amended with the involvement of the local stakeholders, as a consequence of which summary materials will be prepared for each country, focusing on more specific, practical problems in an understandable, processable ways. In the completion phase, joint recommendations and a joint action plan will be formulated at the plenary session and workshops of the international conference by the groups consisting of international participants, which will be uploaded to the website serving the aim of continuous communication in the form of written documentation. The primarily English language website developed for the duration of the project may serve as a joint information platform for the concerned trade unions after the closing of the project according to the plans. As a result of the project, we plan to prepare information materials – brochure, flyer - directly for the migrant employees in their mother languages, indicating the project’s website as well in addition to the most important information data.

The project lasts 12 months from 4/11/2013 to 24/10/2014.

Project events

Kick-off meeting, Budapest, 11. November, 2014

Budapest workshop, March 20-21., 2014

London workshop, April 8 – 9., 2014

Bucharest workshop, May 8 - 9., 2014