Developing information for migrant workers
through transnational trade union cooperation

Project partners

About "The TUC"

TUCThe TUC is the voice of Britain at work. With 54 affiliated unions representing 6.2 million working people from all walks of life, we campaign for a fair deal at work and for social justice at home and abroad.

We negotiate in Europe, and at home build links with political parties, business, local communities and wider society.

About "Cartel ALFA"

Cartel AlfaNational Trade Union Confederation "Cartel ALFA" was founded in 1990 with the purpose of establishing a real and authentic representation of the Romanian workers. 

NTUC "Cartel ALFA" played a decisive role in the transformation of the Romanian trade union movement by educating experienced militants which can freely express their opinions and defend the interests of the workers.

About "LIGA Trade Unions"

LIGAThe LIGA Trade Unions (Democratic League of Independent Trade Unions) has been supporting Hungarian employees since 1988. More than 80 member organisations are present throughout the country both in geographic and in sectoral terms. The membership of the Liga Trade unions was made up in 2007 by 100 644 certified – registered through public notary document - organised workers working in all spheres of life in the public and private sectors.