Developing information for migrant workers
through transnational trade union cooperation

Budapest Workshop, 20-21. March 2014

On the 20-21st March 2014 LIGA Trade Unions, along with its partners the Romanian Cartel-Alfa and the British TUC held the first international workshop of the partly EU-financed Project, "Developing Information for Migrant Workers through Transnational Trade Union Cooperation".

medium-DSCN5023.JPGThe first professional presentation of the conference was held by Prof. Judit Toth, Researcher of the University of Szeged in Hungary, writer of the Hungarian Country-study. From the detailed and in-depth presentation she presented her 30-pages study, which aimed to put the Hungarian situation regarding migrants into context, as well as to compare it with the British and Romanian situations. The biggest difference between the British and the Hungarian system lies probably in the jurisdiction; while the Hungarian Labour Code defines labour rights relatively uniformly and allows little diversifications, the British regulations are quite fragmented. Prof. Judit Toth also detailed in her presentation the sources of information available at the moment for migrant workers, as well as how to develop and widen them on the web-page within the framework of the Project and the flyers and information-brochures of the same.
The conference also provided floor for the Bulgarian, Croatian, Polish, British and Romanian representatives to present their countries in the context of migration.
In the afternoon of the first workshop-day the participants divided into groups where they discussed several questions about the future cooperation.

On the second day Marco Cilento, Advisor of ETUC held a presentation about ETUC migrant policies and projects, especially one regarding migrant network-building in Europe.

In the final stage of the conference the three workgroups presented the results of their discussions, and the participants gave feedback about the conference and opportunities of the future work.

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